Red Burns Fund


Here is the video of Red that was shown at the Memorial on Nov.2. She still is as wise as Yoda, but here she looks like our Red.

Red - In Her Own Words

There is no more important way to honor Red Burns’ life and work than to help us keep ITP alive and well by donating to the Red Burns Scholarship Fund.

We are seeking to raise $5 million dollars,which will serve as a solid base to build the future of ITP. We are almost 20% of the way to our goal, thanks to the alumni contributions at the 30th anniversary.

Your contributions to the Red Burns Scholarship Fund will keep ITP within the reach of the best and the brightest students, from all over the world, from diverse backgrounds and who will continue to discover and make an as yet unimagined future.

Here’s one incentive. Donate $100 or more to get "In Her Own Words", the book of quotes from Red Burns. It’s yours for a $100 donation!

Maybe you’d be able to pledge $100 a year for 10 years, 20?
Maybe you can give more and want to make a matching pledge?

Are we starting to sound like NPR yet? Let’s sound like ITP. What are your ideas for raising money...and think outside the box. Assume the expected fundraising activities are going on.

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