24 switch pixel

Taylor Levy

An analog circuit of 24 standard light switches controls the colour of a single pixel.


Classes The World-Pixel by Pixel

This piece mimics the way a computer uses 24 bits to control the colour value of each pixel on a screen.

http://itp.nyu.edu/~tjl293/ *** click #2....this is a prototype for user testing using PHP.
http://itp.nyu.edu/~tjl293/pixelByPixel/24switchPixel/24switchPixel.jpg ***first design schematic


User Scenario
The object will be simple, odd, beautiful and approachable. A long line of 24 light switches, a pinhole with a light shining through and a magnifying glass hanging at the end to see the pixel better if you need to.
Users will approach the piece, flip the switches and see the pixel change in colour and intensity.
I also expect that this piece will give me the opportunity to teach people how actual bits inside a computer control the binary value of each pixel on a computer screen.

Right now I am working on a wood prototype,to play with the physical design, ways to build switches into a panel.
The final object will be very made out of white acrylic, (reminiscent of the actual plastic coverings of light switches). It will be simple, elegant and clean looking. The design will be as minimal as possible...(so as not to distract from the pixel).

Constraining user interaction is funny, especially when you make people behave like machines. Resistors are hard to work with in precise ways.