A Friday Lunch at Dr. Abdel Moniem El-Sharkawy’s

Yasmin Elayat

An animated short of my family history told by three generations of Egyptian women.


Classes Thesis

This project is my attempt to both represent and integrate three ways of looking at my family's history, by following three generations of women in my family through stories passed on to me orally. I'm investigating my relationship to our family's folklore and expose my own distance to my cultural background, how I've transformed this oral tradition into magical events, and an Orientalized view of my own culture.

The animation consists of three separate narratives for each generation, and three distinct aesthetics reflecting the epistemology of each narrator. [still editing...]

Everyone and my family specifically.

The animation is a stop-motion animation made of a different types of articulated paper puppets, marionettes, three-dimensional sets, real objects and hand-drawn objects, fabrics, textured paper, copper wire jewelry for some of the puppets, glass-cutting for props, etc. I used paint-on-glass animation for some of the techniques. I also used some Mon Kiri Gata techniques for some of the assets of the animation. I'm also incorporating shadow puppets and I've experimented with different types of articulated paper puppets.