Autoblock#1 – Electrofountain

Catherine Tai

AutoBlock is a kinetic responsive system which its motion is inspired by an on-screen special effect.


Classes Mechanisms and Things That Move,Thesis

It is a unit of a system which performs a simple folding motion. By combining in different shape and orientation, different structure can be built. In this first version, AutoBlock#1- Electrofountain, I am going to celebrate its motion by associate it with the motion of water fountain. The system will interact with user’s sound input as a metaphor of changing state according to excitement.

The audience can be anyone who want to scream for relief or vent his/her anger.

User Scenario
Human sound will be the input. By giving them a Handheld Bull Horn Loud Speaker, user are encouraged to shout at the wall. The wall will collapse to different extend according to the sound level which implies the more energy the person has, the more powerful he/she is towards the wall.
Here's a video to demo the process:

it's is going to be a structure make of balsa wood with servo motors. Documentation of working progress: