Alejandro Abreu
Jaewook Shin
JaeYoon Kang
Jiaxin Feng


Classes Dynamic Web Development,Industrial Design Workshop,Studio (Physical Computing),Toy Design Workshop

Blogicks are the much overdue update for classic building blocks. No longer will children have to take apart their prized designs to make new creations. No longer will kids have to choose between interactive play with other children and solitary building in their rooms. Most importantly, children will still continue to enjoy the wonderful tactile satisfaction experienced when positioning and reconfiguring blocks on top of one another. After all, we believe this play pattern is the essential for children young and old. Building and designing in physical space allows a child to explore the concepts of geometry and spatial orientation.

With Blogicks, children will continue to experience all that they love about their current block building toys with the added ability to save, share, discuss, and explore their models in virtual space. A child will be able to build away to his/her imagination’s content, and when ready, be able to upload the finished work to his/her Blogicks locker. A limitless, space the child will be able to upload as many designs as he or she likes. Through a simple and intuitive interface, the child will be able to select a design from the locker to paint, edit, and then, if he/she so desires, place the design into an explore-able online world. The castle built last week can be placed along side this week’s tree house. With a few clicks, children will then be able to add virtual characters to their invented world. Our goal is to allow virtual play time to complement and add to the time a child has already invested in making his/her models. Children will also be able to share and browse through other children’s plans and designs so that they may download and build ideas other than their own. This way, children will be able to find new and more efficient ways of building, fostering a learning center for design.

Children (Age 6 - 12 years old)