Kristin OFriel

CO2RSET is couture that monitors air quality and tightens or loosens on the body in response to the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Classes Wearables Studio

CO2RSET is a chic wearable that has a CO2 sensor and ten mini gear motors that run down the spine and tighten or loosen the bodice in response to air quality. Following the vein of computational garment design, CO2RSET integrates technology into the design, adhering to its normal aesthetic and pattern of use in contemporary fashion. Using the corset provides a form capable of asserting influence over the wearer’s breath to provide a visceral reminder and bring awareness to the quality of air they are breathing on an intimate scale.

The health of our atmosphere is in peril. Ozone and particle pollution rank New York City second only to Los Angeles as having the poorest air quality in the US. Change actualizes for issues of this magnitude when it is brought to the scale of the individual.

CO2RSET is designed for those who are interested in developing a greater awareness of the atmospheric conditions they encounter.

User Scenario
Urban Computing convenes at 3:30pm and room 447 is satiated with student bodies. The class begins with vitality but by 4:30pm the students look languid. I had previously attributed this shift to the afternoon lull but now that I wear CO2RSET I am acutely aware of CO2 levels and circumvent this by opening the door when the air becomes sultry.

fabric, thread, interfacing, busk (loop and stud closure), 90" back lacing, 2 3/8 yd extra wide dbl fold bias tape, seam sealant, 2 3/4 yd boning, 32 grommets/eyelets, 10 mini gear motors, two arduino minis, CO2 sensor, 5 H-bridges, battery, magnet wire

I have terrible posture. CO2SET is a health asset both for awareness of the air quality I am breathing as well as assisting in posture correction.