Colorful Melody

Jong Min Kim
Xiaoyang Feng

interact with your image, listen to your melody


Classes Computational Cameras,Live Image Processing and Performance

Colorful Melody's a sound and video 3D installation. Observers stand in front of camera, the color on the person mapped on to each domino. Different sound are generated as the dominos start to fall down, the sound being determined by the different colors. People can interact with sound by change the color of each dominos. With 3D technology, users can change their view by changing their distance from the camera.


User Scenario
1)people stand in front of camera
2)move or shout to trigger the start domino
3)dominoes start to fall down and make melody
4)people can change the color by wave their hands or move close to interactive with the melody

Processing is the main software to receive video camera signal and draw 3d dominoes. Max/msp is used to generate melody. We use udp address to communicate between these softwares.

learn the attributes and connections of music and color; find ways to generate peaceful enjoyable melody by changing color.