Dream Falls

Lucia Jeesun Lee

Dream Falls entices participants to experience the dream while awake.


Classes Thesis

The idea of the project is making a trace of dreams and allowing people to share the experience of following the trace of dreams.
The installation consists of two main components, which are a collection of pillows and a video projection. The collection of pillows on the bed represents the trace of sleep. Each pillow has an image of sleeping faces.
A series of dream video is projected on layered translucent fabrics draped from the ceiling to the foot of the bed.


- Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi had a dream of being butterfly, and requestioned himself if he was a person who dreamt being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly dreaming of being a person.
- In Greek Myth, Oneroi, sons of Hypnos are referred as dream gods. They are Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantasos.
- In Celtic Myth, there is dream god Angus, who is known to bring bags of dreams and give people dreams.


- Artist Athanassia Kyriakakos and architect Dimitris Rotsios made an installation called Intron in Greek Pavilion in Venice Binnale 2003. Intron, a site-specific installation consists of an architectural form where the audience can walk through while the video of people from different culture confessing their dream is projected on the surface with the audio.
- Maurice Agis created Dreamspace, which is a cave-like organic space made of inflatable sculpture with different colors of lights.
- In Slumber, Janine Antoni wired herself up to polysomnograph machine to capture her REM and weaved the pattern on the blanket she was sleeping in.


- Richard Linklater’s Waking Life illustrates a guy who keeps waking up from the dream when he thinks it’s real.
- Michel Gondrey’s Science of Sleep shows a main-character’s confused state of dream and reality.

Anyone who sleeps/ dreams

The Bed

- The bottom of the bed is a regular twin size bed frame.
- On the bed, there are 25 pillows.

The Pillows

- The images of sleeping faces are transferred on the pillowcase from a printed image.

The Projection

- Layers of translucent fabric at hanging from the top of the tall aluminum pipe structure standing from the foot of the bed, and arched in 10 degree.
- The content of the video is Dream.

Is this a dream?