Emotional Prostheses

Tom Jenkins

A series of three prosthetics beginning to examine the role of the technological in humanistic spaces


Classes Thesis

In a world that is deeply constructed by and mediated through technology, it becomes unclear whether existentialist angst is due to innate tendencies within ourselves or from environmental factors without. It could be argued that modern humans are already cyborgs, existing as a co-construction of self and technological, albeit in dimensions that have little to do with emotional content. Technological development is largely guided towards spaces that seek to serve entertainment or communication needs, but less often hope to engage the person as a complete, holistic being.

Should we begin to explore what it means to develop personal bodily technologies to interpret and guide our negative emotions?

What will these objects look like? Why?

I want to make three or four devices that mediate and support particular emotional anxieties, and alienations, that could be considered a representative suite of such objects.

Materials are silicone, plastics, stainless steel, electronics, and wood.