Timothy Twillman

A bright, programmable, reactive staff for synchronized dance, performance and play.

Classes Living Art,Materials and Building Strategies

The project is a multicolored LED staff designed for dance performance, shows or general play. It can independently create beautiful light patterns that react to movement, or can be coupled with a PC laptop for more complex reactions and for synchronization between multiple dancers/performers.

I've looked at available light toys, worked with people who use them for performance, done maintenance for professional light performers; since then I've also learned a lot about wireless networking and LED control. Batteries have been a big issue that I've had to spend quite a bit of time on, as well as parts to minimize size & allow the entire system to fit in a 1.25" inner diameter tube.

Performers, fire dancers, dancers, and people just interested in learning to spin / play with pretty light toys.

Lexan tubing (prototype is acrylic), LEDs, zigbee, atmega168, Li Ion batteries, sweat, tears.

I've discovered that i still have a lot to learn about the limitations of wireless networking gear.