Helios-The Power Tree

Oscar G. Torres

A tree that converts solar power into electric power for public use.


Classes Living Art,Sustainable Energy

The Helios Power Tree is a sculptural concept for localizing energy production for public use. It is also a source of ambient lighting and sound for urban areas. The Helios Tree is an attempt to bridge an inevitable symbiotic relationship between human beings, technology and the environment.

The idea behind the form of The Helios Power Tree was inspired by work of artist Roxy Paine who’s work was exhibited in Madison Square Park, New York City and Ross Lovegrove who designed a public installation similar to the Helios.

General Public

User Scenario
A pedestrian's cell phone, mp3 player or usb device runs out of power in the middle of new york city. They happen to be walking by a park or public installation of the Helios Power Tree. They walk up to the tree, they plug in their device to be charged and sit under the shade of the tree to read a book. At night the trees produce ambient light and sound to illuminate the sidewalks and make the environment a pleasant place.

• 192 x 3V, 22mA solar cells
• 40 x LED, white superbrights 3.2-3.4VDC 20 mA, 10,000 to 12,000 mcd output
• Blue prototyping foam
• Wire/ solder/ electric tape
• Arduino Decimila with various components
• Solar Charge Controller
• 12VDC, 7A Battery
• Lots of Coffee! I mean like, A lot of it.
• VoicePad Recorder