ITP in Panama

Amanda Bernsohn
amy rose khoshbin
Caleb John Clark
Christian Cerrito
Cynthia Hilmoe
Joshua K. Berry
Kim Thompson
Lori Napoleon
Matthew Young
Sandra Irma Davila

A visual representation of ITP students' trip to Panama.

Classes Cabinets of Wonder,Collective Storytelling,Sustainable Energy,User Experience Design

In march of this year 11 students traveled to Panama to conduct a "listening tour". Through our travels in Panama City and the Azuero Peninsula, we met and interviewed sustainable builders, architects, politicians, real estate developers, lawyers and scientists to learn about the issues surrounding sustainability, activism and species preservation in Panama. Each interview was recorded and photographed. We would like to be able to share some of the media we collected on this trip, along with some of our own thoughts about what is going on in the area.

Before going on the trip we had a reading list and weekly meetings to go over current events and Panamanian history and culture.

Our target is anyone who is interested in what ITP students are doing outside of the ITP walls. People who are interested in species preservation/natural resources and sustainability may be particularly interested.

User Scenario
A user would approach the display and simply view images from the trip. For viewing video clips the user may want to put on headphones to be able to listen to the people being interviewed.

It's a document made up of images, video and some narration.

We learned a lot about Panama and about each other!