Scott Varland

A Metaconnector is a machine that transcends purely algorithmic attempts at defining human connections, in order to provide more meaningful feedback about the state of our real world relationships.


Classes Studio (Social Software),Thesis

I am interested in an exploration of how data about human proximity and reputation correlates to and influences a social network, and how this information is processed from both an egocentric and sociocentric perspective. Can a social area network be constructed within a physical social sphere that understands node to node relationships and reputations?

User Scenario
Each unit is comprised of a radio transceiver, microprocessor, LCD display, alert system, and "soft-key" touch pad interface. Users have the ability to dynamically update the personality of their device by setting the functions "social mode" and "social mood." As the device is carried with the user, it continually detects the proximity of other devices, and exchanges data about the mode and mood of both individuals and groups. As the social context changes, the device prompts users for additional input with a vibrating alert. Feedback as to the state of relationships is provided publicly with a colored indicator lamp, and privately on each individual display.