Matt Parker
William McDonald

motionLife is a digital art piece that responds playfully to the motion of the observer.


Classes Computational Cameras,Live Image Processing and Performance

motionLife plays with the concept of how our movements affect the world around us. It shows an artistic representation of the scene in front of it, that constantly oscillates slightly. As the observer moves, the screen explodes in a shower of particles (representing how everything we observe is made up smaller parts), that dance and bounce back into place over time.

Observers can respond to the piece with huge sweeping gestures, keeping the scene in chaotic motion. Alternatively, they can keep very still and make small motions, cause a scene that mirrors reality, but slightly askew.

I initially used Processing, but after running into performance issues, I switched to openFrameworks.

motionLife is meant to be fun and playful for the casual observer, but hopes to provoke deeper thought for those who think about how our actions affect the world around us.

User Scenario
A user should be able to stand in front of the piece for an extended amount of time, testing different reactions.

openFrameworks, eclipse, a large screen

I think I've realized that art is the most interesting when it's not static, when it can respond to the user and the user can respond to it. I think art that can engage in this conversation is a very powerful medium.