Mooshir Vahanvati

Networked mechanical lamp


Classes Materials and Building Strategies,Networked Objects

Notus was first conceived as part of the materials class, as it would involve casting, mold making and working with various materials. The form of the lamp is derived from a lotus, and it can mechanical open and close itself. It has two rows of 8 leaves each, which are hinged at the bottom to a circular gear. Now as the gear is rotated, on a threaded rod, it rises up, and hence the leaves open outwards. The inside of the lamp would have LED clusters both facing upwards and downwards to light up the lamp evenly.
On the networking side, the lamp would be connected to internet and will have an online configuration web page. Users can control how the lamp behaves from this page. There would be several options available like :

- The lamp reacts (opens and closes) based on the light conditions within the room

- The lamp reacts to weather conditions outside

- The lamp reacts to light and temperature at a remote place, to give a feeling being in that place

- Users can also choose to use the lamp as an alarm clock, so that it would light up and open at a preset time in the morning.

- Or users can directly control the lamp through a slider on the online interface as well.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of interacting with Notus. Although certain amount of knowledge of the internet and using the computer may be required for configuration.

User Scenario
In an ideal scenario, the user would first go online to the dedicated page for his lamp, and choose the option that he would like the lamp to react to. By default the lamp would be set to react to ambient light conditions within the room itself.

For the construction of the final lamp, I intend to first make rapid prototypes of the leaves using a 3D printer. Then use these models to make molds for the leaves in silicone. I will then be casting the actual leaves in liquid plastic, which would semitransparent.
Other parts of the lamp would be made in acrylic, and the base would be in wood, which will also house the circuit, and mechanism for moving the lamp