Picture Me Rollin’

Jose Angel Olivares
Matthew Young

"Flossin a Benz on rims that isn't stolen, thinkin of the G's I'll be holdin, picture me rollin'"

Classes Urban Computing

Picture Me Rollin' is a manufactured surface designed to produce beats as roller luggage is pulled across. Tones are produced as the wheels of the roller luggage encounter different textures, and these tones will be arranged in a way to create beats. Multiple parallel surfaces are planned, as to allow for multiple bags to generate more complex melodies. The tones produced are modulated and amplified using contact microphones and Max/MSP.

After the concept was formed, we began conducting research on different surface materials with different bags in an effort to isolate our variables and find sample tones to work with. With the sample tones, we generated sample beats which we then used to guide our patterns of construction.

Commuters in airports/bus/train stations.... and everyday travellers. Hopefully, this project will lead to other interventions, including rollerbladers in Central Park, etc.

User Scenario
Our ideal user would be the hustling commuter rushing through an airport corridor with their roller luggage in tow. As the wheels of their roller luggage pass over the textured surface, they would hear interesting rhythmic beats.

Picture Me Rollin' will be hand made from lots and lots of masonite, adhesive, and nails probably.

[still in production - check back soon!]