Rorschach Art

Scott Corrigan

Is there a correlation between the mood you're in and how you interpret an abstract work of art? Does your mood affect your interpretation? Take the test.


Classes Art and the Brain

Many art collectors are drawn to abstract art because they see the work differently each time they approach it. Abstract works never give the exact same impression twice. Viewers don't get bored over time. Take this simple five-minute test to see if there is a correlation between your current mood and your impressions of abstract art. The results will be compared to others who took the test. You'll be shown results at the end. It's the Rorschach Test for the art literate.

The abstract art-appreciating crowd as well as the general public.

User Scenario
Each user would take an online test that first asks them to rate their mood by several radio button choice questions. Then the user would be asked to rate several works of abstract art according to the mood the work elicits in them. The experiment may indicate that people in better moods get a better-mood impression from an abstract work that people in a lousy or pessimistic mood.

The work is a public-facing website.