Social Life

Jonathan Swerdloff
Joshua Shabtai
Ramona Pringle
Yaminie Patodia

There's always more below the surface. If you think you know the truth, you're not playing the game.


Classes Interactive Storytelling and Alternative Reality Games

Social Life is an interactive narrative experience that unfolds in a fictional world online, with elements of pervasive gaming and alternate reality game mechanics.

The "rabbit hole" and narrative hub of the game is http://www.sociallifeny.blogspot.com, the blog belonging to (the fictional character) Melissa Havergal. Melissa blogs about NY social events, her friends, and her upcoming wedding, and readers share in her devastation to find out she has been betrayed by her closest confidantes.

But amidst Melissa's heartbreak lingers the question: is this the full story? Sometimes just a little digging can reveal a lot more than expected.

User Scenario
Social Life progresses at the pace of it's users, unfolding with greater momentum as they figure out clues and move the narrative forward. While there is one story being told, the audience is an integral part of it's evolution.

As a study in private versus public, and the way people present themselves to the world, the story of Social Life unfolds on different levels. Users will get one story simply by following the blog, and an entirely different experience when they become active participants hunting for he truth.