Solar SoundSystem

Florica Vlad
Justin Downs
Nick Hasty

A portable, solar powered speaker system for portable audio players.


Classes Sustainable Energy

The Solar Sound System is a portable audio player powered by the sun. Its slim design for easy travel, and its unique angling system allows you to harness the sun's rays from any postion. Now you can jam along to your favorite tunes ecologically guilt-free knowing that you're utilizing 100% green power!

Nick (and Justin as well who knew?) is into dub reggae, and thought it was awesome how the old Kingston dub DJ's would build huge soundsystems for outdoor parties. He wanted to build a miniature amplifier system inspired by these old DJ, but have it solar powered. We have just started building this project, and have devised a unique design that allows the solar panels to be angled for maximum absorption.

portable mp3 player users, people who want to use less energy, ecologically minded people, beach goers, picnickers, mp3-j's,

User Scenario
User takes Solar SoundSystem to beach, angles solar panel, plugs in ipod, and turns up the juice!

Made of wood, a 17v 1a solar panel, a 2ch 17 watt amplifier, and 2 4-6" speakers. We are looking to make it rugged and have it be up to extensive outdoor use.

That auido amplifiers want lots of power and solar panels have a difficult time giving it. Also, order you're solar panels pre-soldered.