Hye Ki Min

Sorisu is a new electronic musical instrument based on Sudoku puzzles.


Classes Thesis

Sorisu is engaging in the development of a new electronic musical instrument based on a Sudoku puzzle. Sorisu is a combination of two words in korean : Sori means the sound, Su means number. The concept is centered on exploring ways in which one maps numbers to sound. Each number inside a puzzle is assigned to one note or one melodic phrase so that the process of solving a sudoku puzzle creates harmonic sound.

Sorisu is for anyone who enjoys music and puzzles. Sorisu funtions in such a way that no matter what people try, or how people work with its options, people will come up with something that sounds beautiful.

User Scenario
There is a 16"x16" wooden sudoku board game on the table. Users will walk to the table and start play with it. The interface(wood board) is composed of 9 rows by 9 columns as like a normal Sudoku puzzle, and the user is able to create and manipulate sound by physically re-arranging 81 wooden blocks along solving a puzzle. As users place blocks in the grid, the sound samples mapped to each number are played at the appropriate time.

The numbers in the grid are detected using resistors mounted inside each block. Each block contains resistors that give it a specific identity, represented in the number. Each field within the matrix has two magnetic contact points that read the presence of a block and its resistor value. A separate thread in the Processing reads the values from 9X9 array to control program output. For each default value, the appropriate massage is sent to the SuperCollider and along this massage SuperCollider generates sound.