TelePricker VooDooBuddy

Rodrigo De Benito
Zannah Louise Marsh

With the prick of a pin, TelePricker VooDooBuddy sends annoying spam, disturbing email, and disquieting text messages and phone calls to its victim.


Classes Telepresence

A human presence can be contained in an image, or in a three-dimensional representation: a statue or doll. These forms abstract presence, condense it, symbolize it. The power of representation is in this concentrated “second” presence, extracted and separated from the original. Is it always safe or desirable to allow your presence be embodied elsewhere? In the TelePricker Project, presence is (mis)placed into a miniature physical form and this usually friendly, cuddly plaything becomes a source of misery and annoyance. Users prick the networked voodoo doll with pins, and the output is annoying spam, disturbing email images, and disquieting text messages and phone calls channeled to the victim. Users beware! Your VooDooBuddy could turn on you-- prick too often and the doll might take your picture and send it to your victim, revealing your identity.

The TelePricker project is designed for pranksters, jilted lovers, and vengeful employees.