Telescope of Time

Maria Mavrakis

A telescope that allows it's users to view the past.


Classes Thesis

The concept of this telescope is based primarily on the idea of reconstruction. It is fueled with the ambition of recreating the past and allowing its user to take a journey through time without losing touch with the present. A site-specific creation, the telescope will be capable of revealing to its user the past condition of whatever location, site, or monument it is pointed at. This particular telescope will be placed outside on of the ITP windows looking out at the corner of Broadway and Waverly place. This way he/she will be given the chance to experience a different era and aura of this particular site simply by “taking a look.”

3D images of past reconstructed -http://www.arc.ac/gallery1.htm
3D video of Parthenon -http://www.arc.ac/gallery1.htm
'virtual archeology'-http://www.tinkering.net/aphro.htm
actual reconstructions -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knossos

My target audience is everyone of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

User Scenario
The audience of this particular telescope is rather wide and diverse in scope. It can vary from the scientist or academic, to the history buff or tourist, since the telescope can have various functions. It can be placed in museums and galleries in the form of intricate installations, but can as easily be placed on the street in strategic locations meant to advance the history and essence of a particular city. This is extremely important to the overall concept and functionality of the telescope as it is meant to serve many and not few. A user may interact with the telescope freely and for as long as he/she wants. A viewer can move it around, explore the various images it has to offer, and retain from it as much detail as he/she wishes to. It is a highly accessible technology, one which requires just “taking a look,” through a “looking glass,” no buttons need to be pressed, no settings need to be set, no preparation needs to be done from the part of the user. This allows for instant and seamless interaction, as well as instant and vivid gratification.

I intend to take a telescope apart and embed a small screen within it. When the user looks through the view hole he will be seeing a 3D reconstruction of the space as it was in some time period. Also the user will be able to navigate the scene by moving the telescope both left, right and up and down by use of an accelerometer but also to be able to move it on the floor possible by an infrared sensor and also some zooming capabilities.