the spectators

Young Cho

it is happening whether you notice it or not.


Classes Thesis

"the spectators" is an interactive video installation that explores issues of (inter)personal responsibility and suffering vis-à-vis torture.

This installation consists of two components: a small LCD screen and a video camera. The small LCD screen is set up on a wall and a video is hidden behind this wall so that the audience is unaware that the installation is interactive.

When no viewers are present, the screen is completely black and empty. However, when an audience member approaches the screen and remains in front of it for a while, the screen reveals a “virtual victim” and the camera starts to detect the viewer’s blinking patterns

The audience's blinking patterns will work like a trigger causing the violent actions on the screen. Thus, blinking will be transformed into torture. Several kinds of torture will be inflicted on the virtual victim hanging down from the ceiling. However, audience will not be informed of what is triggering the torture.