Rui Pereira

an emotionally driven multi-mode musical interface for 'super-star' wannabe's incapable of playing musical instruments.


Classes Thesis

Tuist is an emotionally driven interface taking on our inner desires and fantasies of instantaneously becoming superstars and on our instinctive imitation of the musical performers gestures as expressions of sounds.
It's a multi-instrument minimal interface featuring multi-track gesture recording/ playback allowing for 'one-man-band' performances. Its different instrument modes can be selected by positioning without any physical transformation.

motor-mimesis theory, theremin, yamaha miburi, Nime

8 to 80 years old playful humans with fertile imagination and passionate for music but incapable of playing musical instruments (though always desired to be a super star)

User Scenario
users will be able to play and explore the Tuist Interface, experimenting its functionalities and their fantasies. A background projection featuring the user's contours and audio reactive graphical elements will allow for an augmented and more immersive experience. If the Tuist interface multiplies its uses from different positions also the space provides different environments/modalities depending on the user's orientation. On-stage experience is provided by turning backs to the projection and facing the audience. For a more private experience the user can face the projection and experience the performance on his own.(headphones will be provided for more reserved souls)

fabrication using cardboard tubes, fiberglass, epoxy resins, paint. Electronic hardware based on Wiring board. Software based on Max-MSP.