Seungran Woo
Sunghun Kim

Let's go Back to the age before existing the Tower of Babel !!!


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To Korean people, English is quite difficult language to speak because of totally different syntax. So, from this inspiration, new English text with syntax of Korean will be made from original English text. Through the trial, language barrier will be broken down even though it is just a metaphor.

person who can speak English. Especially, a native speaker.

User Scenario
Person who speaks English as a native speaker types the sentence on a screen, "I ate an apple yesterday." And then, a screen shows the text,"(I) yesterday an apple ate." [Because of the syntax of Korean, words are arranged like this with certain images: Subject(when speaking language, subject could be excluded)+ adverbial phrase + Object + Verb.] And then, words will be falling down to make the tower like Babel as a brick. a word goes to be rearranged slowly to the syntax of English and reunited slowly to the syntax of Korean as well after a few seconds.