Waves of Leaves

Soyoung Park

'Waves of Leaves' is an interactive, kinetic ceramic sculpture that is made of clay.


Classes Thesis

'Waves of Leaves' is an interactive, reactive, kinetic ceramic sculpture that is made of clay. By detecting the proximity of the viewer, and by implication the viewer’s gaze, the sculpture reacts by showing gentle movements. The piece is intended to address the concerns of beauty in natural forms and materials, and a controlled form of minimal interaction in technologically augmented art.

Its design is inspired by nature, and I have created leaves and arranged them like a waterfall or a visualization of wind. I wish to communicate that the beauty of nature is in its shapes, colors and movement, and it is my intention to recreate that beauty with this piece.
Composed of hand-sculpted ceramic leaves ranging in size from 2 to 5 inches. Each leaf is supported on the base by metal rods, which are in turn controlled by servo motors, micro controllers and take input from ultrasonic proximity sensors placed around the piece to detect the distance between the viewer and the piece. The servo motors are controlled by Arduino. When the processing unit senses motion from viewer, the leaves move and tremble like a tree waving in the wind. Each leaf has a range of motion, able to move up and down, once and repeats. There is the side effect of sound and motion when they hit each other on the way of their motion.