You Want Me

Celina Alvarado

6 intimate stories told through 6 silent movies and 6 blind dialogues and discovered by the viewer line by line, movie by movie.


Classes Computational Cameras,Live Image Processing and Performance,Site-specific,The Nature of Code

In times where the search for love is taking over by the search of sex, intimacy captured by a hidden camera reveals general confusions on life and goals in a truth flavor.

I see people desperately searching for company pretending they don't need any, I see emptiness when pretending fullness, I see sadness when happiness is pretended and I just show it off with the hope of questioning what we really are searching for in life, what our truly goals are.

Anybody and everybody.

User Scenario
A monitor and headphones to listen to the silent and help concentrate on the stories.

I shot the silent movies and gathered some real dialogues. I realized they complement each other and put them together to express a general idea that is common place on all of them.

I see the fear we have when facing real interaction with people and the way we pretend fullfilness
when emptiness is what we are trying to run away from. A cynical look at everyday relationships.