ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm

Jelani John

Animals in Animation

Three animations investigating animals' relationships to humans.

Animals, People and Those In Between,Methods of Motion

The first two animations feature an opposum named Mordume. The real story is that he was shot through the head and rescued by a group of children and a kind hearted police officer who took him to a local vet where he was patched up good as new. These first animation looks at him as an object. The second shows the same scenario from Mordume's point of view.

The third animation takes the concept of "cute" and tries to see at what point does "cute" either ceases to exist or changes into something else. This is the story of a girl who grows up with a teddy bear, abandons it for carnal pleasure, and is stabbed by the same teddy bear. In revenge she drops it on a fire where it slowly burns.

... oh, how it burns.

User Scenario
User walks by, sees animation. User says "WOW! That's pretty! I wonder if it has sound?" User sees earphones / I gently nudge user in direction of headphones / I make the user an offer he can't refuse. User places headphones on head. User listens to music that goes with animation(s). User cries a little. User shakes my hand (and slips me a little something for my troubles). User walks away. Next morning user wakes up and realizes he should immediately hire me at decent pay for an interesting and fun summer job.

... at least, that's the ideal scenario.