ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm

Nathan Roth
Oscar Torres
Ramona Pringle


BADGER is a challenge based game that encourages you to explore the city in new ways.

Share your world and show off your skills to earn badges, titles & special leadership privileges!

Mobile Me(dia)

Remember Scouts? Add a little bit of technology, an urban setting, and a lot of attitude, and you’ve got BADGER.

Using cellphones and a web interface, users are challenged to explore the city in new ways, see new sights, and push their own skills to earn badges and titles. Users document their travels and challenges and submit them to be voted on by other members of the Badger community in order to earn a badge.

User Scenario
create a profile, so you can get started on your badge hunting expedition.
check out the full list of badges to find out about the challenges and decide which one to tackle first.
document a badge challenge, and post your “evidence” to the site.
other BADGER users can vote on your evidence and decide wether it is legit (and impressive) enough to earn you that badge you’re after.
collect groups of complementary badges to join troops & earn “titles” and status!
top ranking title holders compete for the top spot as Troop Leader who can create new badges categories.
Earning the title Troop Leader gives you the power to create a new badge & challenge
...this means that with each NEW Troop Leader, it requires an additional badge & challenge to join the troop and get the troop badge.