ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm

Neo (Sangzoon) Barc


Can you imagine what happens when double sided-screens are spinning not staying on the wall?
with partner Bruce Thierry Cheung (Graduate Film)
Project with financial support from the Tisch Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow)

This project is under the main project: CirCus which stands for Circular Locus, is a project researching and experimenting with circles or circular shapes. Especially, one of these projects is about re-contextualizing time and space to illustrate the paradox of existence in the present and the human memory with the concept of a circle.

I have been wondering about what the present is. People usually divide time into three segments: the past, the present, and the future. Yet the present itself is so vague and subtle because it is hard to pick up the right moment of the present. Ironically, the present only exists between the past and the future, which can be easily told. Using two video cameras recording forward and backward simultaneously – representing what is the future and what is the past - I explore the irony of the present. First, I put two video footages onto one frame side by side, giving a variable time gap between them in order to express or manipulate the present. Second, using a pair of sandwiched LCD screen, like a thaumatrope, the two footages are played on the bonded screens, which are spinning, then a different composited images show up, referring to the present.

I have researched fidelity of LCD screen since Liquid Crystal Display literally is made out of liquid so that it is not rigid and sensitive to G-force. That's why a fighter plane doesn't use LCD screen in order to make it work. In my project, the speed of spinning LCD should be not that fast. Lithum-Ion battery that I placed in the spinning object is not affected by external force.

Whoever likes to watch interactive video

User Scenario
Audience can change the speed of video and frame rates by spinning the screen manually so that they will be able to manipulate time.

This is made out of two Laptops which are sandwiched together and will be spinning and showing composite images from two screen one by one.

I learned that to express the concept of the present was a little bit subtle to someone else. Probably, the video content itself was not strong or clear enough. However, this is one of challenges toward the next generation of display device like 360 degree view hologram or levitating screen. The most fun part is that audience can interact with video content by spinning display itself.