ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm

Daniel Arce
Lara Grant


An eight-step sample/sequencer that works over the telephone. You can also listen to your recordings on the web later.

(212) 769-0961 x187

Redial: Interactive Telephony

• Theequenther is an asterisk phone application that you can call whenever you feel inspired to record a beat.
• It is linked to a web application used to display user input.
• The web component of this project is useful when presenting it to a crowd, but not necessary for it to work, making it possible to make field recordings that can be reviewed later.

the pull to use an interface that is accessible to everyone as a musical instrument implementing what would normally need equipment, wire and previous musical experience.

everyone who owns a phone! (or has a friend that will let them borrow) ;)

User Scenario
projected visual will display title 'theequenther' with a phone number and ext. enticing people to approach. they will soon read on the screen stating them to call in if they want to participate and play with a collaborative instrument.
they will call and and be prompted to punch in number 1-8 on their phone, which in turn will visually show that they have chosen that number. so others calling in will be able to see which number are taken and which are not.
caller will then record a sample that will be put in the 8 step theequence. as other callers do this, the theequence will be playing all recorded sounds.
this is a basic run down. there will be another function to change the rhythm as well.

screen with projection coming from a computer. speakers hooked to computer audio output.

that the phone is more of an ambiguous item in which to communicate through.