ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm

Dharmarajan Ayakkad
Vitaliy Dikker

Vibe Here

VibeHere is a web service and mobile application that helps people find local places that have the best music vibes to dance and enjoy.

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VibeHere is designed to simplify the research process of making a spontaneous decision regarding where to go for the best music vibe? Music tastes differ from person to person and not every venue has the same type of music every day of the week. VibeHere presents all artist, venue, genre information in an organized fashion and makes this decision quite easy!

We have researched the process by which one may currently find the right vibe for oneself. There is a multitude of services and websites that offer information in bits and pieces, but it is usually incomplete and insufficient. It becomes a job to bring it all together. We have realized that there is a window of opportunity for making this easier.

People who enjoy going out clubbing or listening to live / performance music.

User Scenario
User is sitting at home on a Thursday night and suddenly feels an urge to go out and dance. He/she goes to and enters home address. Immediately a number of venues which currently are playing music are displayed on the map. User can click on each one to preview the musician info and listen to sample music, or can narrow down results to specific genre of music he/she may be in the mood for. In addition he/she can check out ratings and voices of others in real time regarding this event to decide if this vibe is the right one!

VibeHere is a website, built in flash. We are also working on mobile and iPhone versions.

We have discovered that this would be a truly valuable service to people who love music scene.