Cyrus von Hochstetter
Eszter Ozsvald

A.I. Hairstyle

Haircut and styling based on artificial intelligent recommendations.

Learning Bit by Bit

We created a program that evaluates your facial features and current hair type to come up with suggestions for your new haircut. Our program will present you with an option of photos that were chosen specifically for you. Once you agree with the style suggestion you will have the option to immediately receive the haircut on location. Getting the haircut is an optional part of our presentation, only for those that are adventurous and willing to engage in it. Even without it, people can simply enjoy playing with our program and view their automated and personalized recommendation style photos. Even if a person chooses to have his or her hair cut, the system will still be available for other visitors to receive their style advice.

User similarities and recommandation systems (Netflix, Amazon). Hair model database and their classification according to physical features and attributes.

young and old, curious.

User Scenario
A visitor fills out a quick questionnaire and enters it into our program. He or she is presented with a few photos of hairstyles that have been evaluated to match the visitors physical features. The visitor can then move on, or decide to have his hair cut according to the suggestion.