Lucas Zavala


A music production application that offers a unique, user-friendly environment enabling a user to focus on creativity instead of technology.

Thesis: Final Project

Digital music creation has come a very long in recent years with the development of more and more sophisticated interfaces all accessible from your personal computer. But there is an inherent problem with this development in that it continues to emulate old systems of music creation that began before computers as we know them existed. This is a limitation to the evolution of music creation that we can now afford to rid ourselves of given the technology that is possible today. Evolutive is an exploration of alternative ways that we can think about music and its creation in our current digital age.

I intend primarily to design an interface that applies very simple and comfortable concepts to the core elements of music creation that will make it easy to understand and use. Since part of the goal of this thesis is accessibility I intend to make the user the input device, so a touch interface will be incorporated. Whether this will be a large touch interface, a tablet device or a combination is yet to be determined.