Matthew Swenson
Rhodes Edewor-Thorley
Saraswathi Subbaraman

Carousel – 360º Comic

Carousel is an immersive, 360º degree experiment in comic storytelling through the iPhone/iPad.

immeses the space of the iPad and iPhone to create an alternative, 360º reading experience


Carousel utilizes the space the of the iPhone and iPad to pan through 360º environments.

Combining Unity with the iOS platform, we discovered an alternative way to display and interact with comics - the aim was to make comic storytelling more immersive and fun without losing the qualities of the paper medium. We presented at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts Festival to user test our work, and have since been refining certain aspects.

Reviews from hardcore comic fans were positive and exciting, as we found that it definitely creates an engaging new way of viewing a familiar medium. We are now playing with our format based on user input - adding dimensional texture and making the interface more intuitively navigable.

Our project doesn't take up much room - it only needs 360º of space to be viewed in full!