Filipa Tomaz


Call yourself on a cell phone

Constructing Generative Systems

:: Cell(f) is a device for interactive self communication, it allows you to call yourself and to answer yourself calling you.

:: Cell(f) is constituted by the structural skeleton of headphones and two working cell phones that can call one another and only one another.

:: Cell(f) is a DADA exercise; a comment on the self act of mobile human (inter)active communication.

:: exercise/assignment on making DADA
. reaction to the norm
. using ready-made
. history of mobile telecommunications

: everyone

User Scenario
:: show running on an interior space
. iterations - multiple Cell(f)s for multiple users with possibility of random intercommunication between users

: heavy-duty noise-isolation headphones used in construction sites
: two working prepaid cell phones programmed with restrict incoming and outgoing calls so that no other calls can be made except the ones from one to the other.

:: a simple idea, to the point, is effective and engaging