Calli Higgins
Christine Nguyen

Chris’ Hammock

Chris’s Hammock invites you to lay back, reach up to the sky, and let the clouds gravitate toward your hands as you drag them around in a playful, projected sky. When day turns into night, you can form your own constellations by repositioning twinkling stars.

Computational Cameras

Our piece is an installation where users can direct clouds or create their own constellation while lounging on a hammock, using their hands and the Kinect. The ideal scenario is the users will be able to lay down on a hammock and view a projection of a playful sky that will morph from day to night. The users will be able to reach up, grab a cloud, move it around, and then release it back into the sky where it will float off. If it is a night sky, they will also be able to rearrange stars in the sky to create their own constellation.

We used Shiffman's kinect examples and what we learned in computational cameras.

Our target audience is everyone! This is an environment for people to relax in and recreate what they see in the sky.

User Scenario
The user will lay underneath the projection.
When the user puts their hands in the air, the kinect will sense their hands and the clouds/stars will gravitate towards their hands.
When they move their hands out of the threshold, the clouds will float off or the stars in the sky will stay in place.

The project will consist of a rear projection from the ceiling. We are looking to hang material from the ceiling to act as a screen. We will also install a kinect.

We learned the ends and outs of how to use the kinect creatively. We wanted to use the kinect in a project that used gestures where gestures seemed natural.