Anh Ly

Dude, where’s my carburetor?

An application that allows you to learn what's under the hood of your car simply by pointing the camera of your smart phone at the engine.

Computational Cameras

Ever wonder what's under the hood of your car? By pointing your phone at your car's engine, you can bring up an augmented reality diagram of the engine and a tutorial on how to perform basic maintenance to your engine.

I had to do extensive research finding diagrams of various engine models. As one who knew very little about cars, I had to research the basic mechanisms of how cars work.

In addition, I did a lot of research on the uses of augmented reality.

People who drive or anyone who wants to know more about car engines are the target audience.

User Scenario
When a driver pops open the hood of his or her car, they will open an application on their smart phone or iPad and point the camera at the engine. The application will recognize the brand logo on then engine and will bring up a blueprint of the engine as well as video tutorials of basic maintenance tasks.

I will have a model of a car made out of foam. Underneath the "hood," there will be a life-sized picture of an engine. Users can simply use their phone (or my phone since I have the application downloaded) to view the augmented reality experience.

The software is made using Processing, the NyARToolkit and Google Sketchup.

I learned where the wiper fluid and oil filler in a car engine are. :) I also learned about the uses of camera vision and it's limitation, as well as how augmented reality could be beneficial.