Sofy Yuditskaya

Durations in the Difference of Eternal Return

The best camera is the one you have right now, the most interesting story is the one happening right now, only we do not perceive its arc.

Reading and Writing Electronic Text,Thesis

Durations in Difference of the Eternal Return is an interactive installation consisting of one table and two stools. It is a lo-fi interactive video sculpture -- examining the nature of objects and the presence of the body in their 
fragmented digital representations.

Deleuze says of Nietzche and Kirkegard that it is their aspiration to be

“producing within the work a movement capable of affecting the mind outside of all representation; it is a question of making movement itself a work, without interposition; of substituting direct signs for mediate representations; of inventing vibrations, rotations, whirlings, gravitations, dances or leaps which directly touch the mind.”[p 8 Diff and Repetition]

Children, Museum Visitors, Taggers, people in Conversation,

User Scenario
Users sit at a table and draw on it with chalk, read a book there, drink a coffee, have a conversation. The table replays events as they were occurring in the recent past back onto the events as they are occurring in the future on the table top.

A projector is projecting quantized video of actions onto the place where those actions happened, the piece evolves over time as new actions occur.

These are the stories of our own experience, the perspectives that define our universe. As such we cannot be sensitive to the perspective of the other while immersed in our own, or vice versa. Durrations of Difference in the Eternal Return conflates two perspectives, creating an ever changing narrative, co-authored by our context and ourselves.