Matthew Rader


Interface with an alien prison block to save or harm your fellow humans.

Computational Cameras,Dataflow Programming,Methods of Motion,Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow)

You've escaped from the alien prison block and must interface with alien technology to save your fellow humans.

FileX is a project consisting of a large alien interface composed of infrared proximity sensors and projected animations. Using gestures to manipulate the interface controls animations projected onto a display. The animations are views from nine human prisoners’ cells. Three of these prisoners are in various states of alien control directly controlled by the alien UI; the other six prisoners are displayed in various states and the user controls multiple camera angles via the alien UI.

Technically the project is a large boulder shaped interface about the size of a small desk. On the surface of the boulder are nine holes and a central sunken area. Appendages are inserted into these holes or floated above them to control the animations which are projected onto the sunken area of the boulder. The animations will consist of footage shot of nine human subjects in various states of existence and be looped seamlessly to give the illusion that this is all happening in real time

The general feeling for this project is alien organic technology and the design and feeling of the physical elements will reflect this.

User Scenario
The user approaches the interface. The interface is stark white with a sunken middle surrounded by nine deep holes. As the user slides their arm down these holes a corresponding animation is projection mapped on the sunken area in the middle of the interface. Each of the nine holes has various controls based on how deep the user's appendage is in the hole.

I started learning pure data, projection mapping, gained more experience with fabricating and sculpting with plaster, and felt more comfortable with After Effects.