Jason Aston
Nien Lam


Billiards style touch table game themed on Cold War/Berlin Wall-breaking!


Spatial Media

Nien and I have built a touch table for the purposes of gaming. Rear projected, many different types of games can be played on it. Our first iteration of a game combines the arcades physical aesthetics seamless with the games aesthetics. Based on Post WWII Cold War era propaganda, the objective of this four player game is to break down walls by shooting a ball out into the gameboard.

Nien and i have backgrounds (loosely) in game design. so when it came time to design a horizontal projection for Spatial Media, we immediately partnered and started construction/envisioning a game. The game is a basic physics game in which 4 players take turns trying to break down their own walls by shooting a ball at them. Aesthetically the game cleaves unto Communist propaganda, drawing heavily from the Berlin wall's graffiti'd, pocked exterior.

Primarily we made this for the ITP crowd, but it's for anyone who wants to play a stylish, fun game a la billiards.

User Scenario
The game is sitting in a dark space of a billiards hall. The light emanating from it is enough to drive curiosity, as well as its rough hewn exterior. The user comes up to the game and is joined by three other players. Then the game is played and fun is had.

Primarily wood and paint.