Eric Hagan
Gabriela Gutierrez

Gearing Up for the Circus

Explore this mechanical geared circus full of fun and magical characters.

Mechanisms and Things That Move

This project is a mechanical circus powered by gears, motors and pulleys. Explore the circus by adding a character to the track and watch it activate the various circus acts stationed along the track.

We both selected Mechanisms and Things that Move as a class because we were already interested in designing systems and machines to produce specific motions. That being said, we have been very influenced by the class and our exposure to the work of Theo Jansen, Alexander Calder, and a myriad of other kinetic artists.

Anyone who enjoys the idea of the Circus, moving parts, Automatons, or the intersections there within.

User Scenario
The User walks up to the Circus table and turns a large crank. The crank starts the wooden audience members around the edge of their path. Whenever a wooden audience member reaches a circus act, the circus act animates, providing both the audience member and the user a short show.