Benji Canning-Pereira


Halien is the hair gel of the future, a thermochromic hair additive that allows you to create, experiment, and change your hair color with the power of heat.

Thesis: Final Project

Using thermochromic and applied heating technologies, Halien enables you to morph hair color into a portable science experiment - a live installation that instantly reacts to heat. Made for styling, fashion, performance, fancy dress, work or casual at-home use, and created for use in wigs, headpieces, real, and synthetic hair, Halien empowers all of us to show our true identity and express it in any which way we choose. Fully customizable and limitless in creative transformations, Halien truly serves as the hair gel of tomorrow.

Hair in modernity began to take "shape" with Vidal Sassoon - the father of modern hair. We notice that self-expression becomes more and more important to the individual. Hair is no longer just a part of the body, but hair is an accessory. Hair is the individual.

STYLISTS/ FASHION DESIGNERS/ CREATIVE DIRECTORS – Runways. Fashion Film. Creative Direction. Halien is a perfect way to not only set trends, but also to make a statement and bring fantasy into couture. The transforming element of the hair is perfect in addition or in coordination with a fashion collection or concept. Also workable for wigs, synthetic hair, and extensions, Halien can be used to create new and unique forms of styling and fashion. Hair can easily be altered during shoot - no need to wear multiple wigs or extensions. Wear one wig and transform it accordingly.

WORKING PROFESSIONALS – Who says that the professional corporate or business world cannot have fun with their hair? Halien allows the business man/woman, corporate lawyer, laboratory scientist, or office secretary finally be able to create any color or expression they would desire at the click of the hair or hand dryer. Halien allows workers to submerge into the working force, but at the same time be able to hit the streets and bars right after work. Hair color looks completely natural and professionally gelled for work, and professionally sexy and stylish for everywhere else.

CLUB KIDS – Club culture and nightlife opens many possibilities for hair expression and interactivity. Ranging from club kids to burlesque performers and dancers, Halien would enable for creative uses of hair in the club scene. Users could use various heating devices to blow each other’s hair and create interesting designs and reveal a multitude of colors. In this use, interaction could be key. Otherwise, Halien allows for numerous hair color looks for those who are constantly on the nightclub scene and need new looks to change for every appearance.

PERFORMERS/THEATRE: Halien works well for performance primarily because it allows for the creation of multiple personas and illusions. Imagine the role of Jekyll and Hyde, or a man battling the demons within his own mind: Halien allows you to creatively and artistically tell a story, especially for stories of multiplicity within one role. Creating a unique and interesting audience experience, Halien gel can easily be applied yet create a long-lasting audience experience. Furthermore, Halien creates great theatrics in the transformation and can allow for many different looks as well as excitement for the audience and public.

ARTISTS/EXPLORERS -: Great for the exploration of self and identity, artists and creators can explore the possibilities of hair and what it is like to live in both realms of being.

PETS, KIDS, TEENAGERS, CASUAL USERS: Halien is also great for young people who want to be creative and have fun or older audiences who desire to explore their style and hair looks!

User Scenario
User puts Halien hair gel into their hair via fingers, comb, or spray. Once the hair is dry, Halien will be in full effect - simply use any heat source to activate the color change. Hairdryers, hot breath, warm temperatures, and heat packs all will activate the hair. Apply cool temperatures to maintain the color.

Thermochromic ink, Hair Gels, Mixture of Natural oils and creams.

I believe that the future calls for more casual ways to transform your visual identity. Transformative hair is just the start. Halien allows you to embrace your many personalities and be the many versions of you even in a single day. Ultimately, like your hair, you are not static. Even a brush, pull, or tug, can transform you in many ways. Like Halien, you too are always evolving and can always be changed and adjusted. In the end, if there is one thing to be learned from this project, it is to express the many versions of yourself, and you can show them, through you hair.