Chien-Yu Lin
Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd


Discovering invisible objects through light and shadow

Computational Cameras,Spatial Media

“Invisible” starts with a dark empty space in which people can walk around to discover what may exist inside. When they enter the space, they become sources of light. The light, which shines from the location of a viewer towards the floor, reveals the shadow of a three-dimensional object. As a viewer moves through the space, the light source follows and the shadow changes form to maintain a realistic perspective. Invisible thus creates the illusion that the physical object actually exists within the room.

“invisible” is made by the combination of openframework, Kinect camera, OpenGL and a dark empty space.

It's the first experience of us to combine projection from ceiling, openGL, Kinect and openframework.

Audience who like arts.

User Scenario
-A user walk into the space.
-The light source start to shine to the floor due to the position of the blobs from Kinect.
-The shadow appear from the direction of the light like an actual shadow.