Ji Hyun Moon
Tamar Ziv


A projection of news and issues of the day, displayed on topless cups, next to the water-cooler. It’s a water cooler conversation


Spatial Media

This lolWell project conveys meaning of time, relationship, invisible continuity, and meeting. We want to capture the moment, people gather to take a rest while sharing their story, and drinking water. Even further, they discovery something among their continue conversation with projecting images on top of topless-cups. The images are filtered by web server, flicker as certain categories. We provide issues and subjects of conversation for people to enjoy the time.
When people put cups on a table, images reflect on the surface ofa cups from above a projector. Additionally, visual stains are remained at the bottom when people lift a cup. That records time, people and the moment of what people share.

We want to add meanings to a usage of plastic cups. People gather around to drink water in a certain spot. Usually there is a table and water tank. However, either while waiting for a turn or while filling a cup, the atmosphere is rather strange and awkward at first. We want to break that silent and excite the stage for people to memory, enjoy, record their time with others.

Anyone who wants to relax and water body with joyful conversation through interaction with our project.

User Scenario
People walk by the water-cooler stage. When people see some cups on a table, they will also put their cups on the table after drinking or intermediate time. They will see the image reflecting on the water surface of their cups. People will try to see what the image is about and continue their conversation while enjoying seeing the illusion of images. When people leave with cups they can eventually see a stain of the cup, decorated by the image reflected on the surface of the occupied cup. The stain represents the time record, people share and enjoy the moment. The next person will see many stains remained on the table and they will feel the retained previous people's traces. That is an alternative meaning of time illusion.

Materials are general types of clear cups( which has a thick bottom to reflect images inside clearly ), and stable table. Projector, camera, IR film filter, as well. for the Image processing we need to work by combining Php, processing, Openframeworks and other Adobe image programs.

We redefine an everyday object to be a meaningful and useful means. Cups are always close to people. With our aesthetic point of view, we turn the simple meaning of a tool for containing things to metaphoric notion, conveying and recording time. It is a way of introspection everyday objects in terms of patterns of human behaviors. With high technology, we can see a deep inside of the nature and life like an illusion of view.