Mark Triant
Nasry Ahmed Esmat
Noah King
Sofy Yuditskaya


Mbirdz is like a "Being John Malkevich" portal for Twitter; it lets you be someone else.

Designing Conversational Spaces

Toying with the concepts of collective identity and shared resources, we've hacked the Twitter API to allow the general public to freely tweet from a selection of shared accounts. Our site automatically handles the authentication process, so users simply enter text and it instantly gets published to the selected public account. Our project entailed designing the concept, coding the back end functionality, and designing a simple interface and front-end splash page. Additionally, we created a series of fake Twitter personalities with which to launch the service.

User Scenario
A new user hear's about the site and browsers to the webpage. She is greeted by a brady-bunch-like group of profile images. She investigates these images, rolling over them and clicking on them. Upon clicking on any one profile image, the selected profile opens in a pop up window and the user is greeted with a familiar Twitter interface. A feed of recent tweets is on the right of the screen and profile information is on the left. Upon entering a new tweet, it instantly appears in the feed, indicating to the user that her message went through. Now that the project concept is clear, she clicks through a number of profiles, tweeting messages as various personalities and characters. Having enjoyed the site, she clicks one of the embedded share buttons to tell her friends about the experience.