Diana Huang
Gabriela Gutierrez
Lily Szajnberg
Natalie Be'er

Monkey Photo Booth!

Explore the power of the sun by using light to power a photo booth (monkey hat required).


Wildlife Observation Tools: Interaction in the Wild

Camera traps used in Ecuador by anthropologist Tony DiFiore are currently bulky, expensive and difficult to maintain. We are working to refine these traps by making them longer lasting through solar charging circuits. To demonstrate the work we've done, we are creating a photo booth where the user gets to be the monkey and have their photo taken on the backdrop of the rainforest--the traps are designed to take pictures of monkeys, after all. The project is using the new Google ADK with an Android phone to take the photos. See your photo on Flickr when it is automatically uploaded!

Consulting Tony DiFiore, we took his current camera trap and modified it so that it is cheaper, and easier to maintain in the field. By using the new Google ADK to communicate with the Android phone, the new set-up allows Tony and his graduate students to do basic easy maintenance in the field and quickly swap out the device if it needs to be taken back to the base.

Wildlife tracking professionals.

User Scenario
A monkey visits the mineral lick and the PIR sensor sense movement and takes a picture of the scenario. Currently, their is plenty of space on the SD cards for false positives, so high-sensitivity is not a major concern. The entire contraption would be hooked up to a solar charging circuit to more efficiently use power.

It is comprised of an Android phone, Google ADK/ADS, solar panel, charge controller, and pelican case.