Min Jung Kim
Valentina Camacho

Reaction Eyes

Eyes moan, scream and cry


Computational Cameras,Video Sculpture

There are certain things that could be disturbing for certain people. The video disturbing booth will record people's reactions at some videos. We are going to show only eyes of those people in a grid, where you will be able to compare expressions, just by looking at their eyes.

The project started in a conversation that we had in the computational cameras class about surveillance cameras. How people react when they know that they are recorded and when they are not. The famous video of a british woman who throw a cat into the trash, make us think about what other controversial things generate different reactions into people

The Video Disturbing Booth will be only for adults, since some of the videos could be inappropriate for kids.
We want people of different cultures to participate in this project.

User Scenario
The booth will have two opposite holes. Through one hole, a person will watch a video. At the same time, a camera will be recording his eye.
In the other side of the booth there will be another hole where people will be able to see a grid of video eyes that are reacting to the video that in played in the other side.

The project will include two monitors, a video camera, a light, one computer running processing, another computer or player to play the video, everything will be covered by a black box. Size: 2 mts x 1 mts. People will see the video first and then they can come the other side of the booth to watch they eyes in a grid.

Using video libraries in processing could be really difficult, we have learned that sketches crashed a lot .....