Minu Bae


“smartymote” is a Smart phone game controller, which will expand a gamer’s experience to include more interactive outdoor video games in a digital world.


The Nature of Code,Thesis

As a final project, I have explored creating a more real and physically engaging video game with a Smart phone game controller in a digital world than a video game, because a portability and connectivity of smartphone will allow a game user to communicate with a digital world. As a game controller, we are able to use a Smartphone. In terms of both hardware and software on the smart phone, this device provides more functions than existing game controllers. My hypothesis is that a smart phone will play a crucial role in interactive telecommunications with other computational media such as tablet PCs and smart TVs in Smart environments. This will allow smart phone users to enjoy playing more interactive games without purchasing additional hardware.

In fact, smart, personal, and mobile devices like Smart phones and Tablet PCs have led to a rapid growth of the game industry. As a result, the networked smart environment has become more of a reality. Even Smart phone users who previously were not used to playing games, often entertain themselves by playing casual games on smart hand-held devices. Moreover, because of the popularity of games and the evolution of new platforms, games have come to the forefront as next generation media after books, movies, and the web. In this environment, my thesis project examines how Smart phone game controllers can be used for a new game experience on a computerized game display.