Cecilia Zuniga

The Myth of Pearls

In researching the oyster for the animals class, I became particularly fascinated by a Chinese myth about the origin of pearls. I decided to recreate this myth by using both the shark and oyster as main characters.


Animals, People and Those In Between,The Nature of Code

The heart of the story is that oyster's collect tears from a shark, mermaid or dragon to form pearls.

Almost around the same time I stumbled upon an erotic surrealist postcard about oysters and decided to use this aesthetic for the content.

This peculiar myth seduced me in a way that matched my fascination for the mysterious oyster. I took qualities about the oyster that were curious to me and attempted at putting those qualities into a portal that transports you to this mythical world. Physical qualities I included are those of the delicate nature of its flesh and the flaky, sometimes iridescent shell that surrounds it.

This project took the form of a projected story with visuals and sound, framed by a laser cut reflective piece suspended in space. The mechanics behind the imagery and movements are based on some of what I learned in Nature of Code.